BEANIE is a registered trademark of the City of Lima, Ohio, created to promote goodwill and share news about being a good neighbor. The City of Lima has provided LACNIP with exclusive rights to the use of the trademark and LACNIP has developed a line of BEANIE items that are for sale to the public. All proceeds from the sales of these items are used to further the mission of neighborhood associations throughout Lima-Allen County, Ohio. 

All BEANIE items are sold at the LACNIP Resource Center, 1440 W. Spring St. Call 419-302-4166 to check on the availability of a particular item.

BEANIE bean bag toys only are also available at Lima Municipal Center, 50 Town Square, in the Department of Community Development.


BEANIE the Good Neighbor Ambassador is available to make a visit to your group event that a promotes positive of Lima-Allen County and its neighbors.

In order to request an appearance, the BEANIE Appearance Request Form must be completed at least a month in advance.

BEANIE always has a BEANIE Buddy to help guide and to do the speaking, as BEANIE does not talk.

There is a special training for BEANIE volunteers to learn how to professionally portray BEANIE, and only those trained persons are eligible to wear the costume.

For more information about an appearance by BEANIE, call:
LACNIP at 419-302-4166 or
City of Lima Neighorhood Specialist at 419-221-5177

Get the BEANIE

BEANIE, the bean bag

A great value, these bean bag toys are still just $5.

BEANIE, the bean bag toy is our most popular item. Each toy is labeled with Lima on one foot and Ohio on the other foot. This toy is great for both children and adults, and is very popular with persons who want to remember their home town, or share with others a bit of the fun we have in Lima, Ohio.

BEANIE Key Chain

BEANIE key chains sell for only $4.

Popular with youth, these key chains make a great addition to the collection of items hanging from book bags, purses and more. Made of flexible rubber, they last and last.

BEANIE Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs sell for $5 each.

A great way to start any day, the BEANIE coffee mug is a fun way to enjoy your morning coffee, tea, or your choice of breakfast beverages. BEANIE tells everyone to 'Love Thy Neighor in Lima".

BEANIE lapel Pin

BEANIE lapel pins are sold for $5.

BEANIE lapel pins are quality crafted with a gold colored background and fine glossy finish. In the shape of the State of Ohio, a gold star marks the spot where Lima (home of BEANIE) is located. BEANIE is prominently displayed in full color. Popular with professionals and make a great gift for special occasions.

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